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Early in my life, my family lived on a farm in Illinois. Even though Dave and I have lived in CA all 34 years of our marriage, I'm still a country girl, thus the cows in my banner and the UdderlyAwesome name for my team. Our daughter, Shelly, and son-in-law, Gabe have two adorable sons who are 23 months and 1 month old! Our son Brad is in college.

I'm starting my 20th year with Stampin' Up! I originally wanted to be able to make a little bit of money and stay home with our children. Over the years I've gone from paying a small monthly bill, to making the car payment, to making the house payment. then in 2003, my husband was disabled and I am now the sole support for our family!

As of 2008, I have earned 17 FREE cruises and 1 all expense paid trip to Hawaii with Stampin' Up! I can honestly say it is possible to achieve whatever goals you set: from getting a discount on stamps, to paying some monthly bills, to going on a Free Cruise for two!


I was a piano major in college and my husband was a voice major so we both love music. I love Blue Grass, Country Western, Easy Listening, Classical. I'm not into dissonant music! One of my passions is communication and healthy relationships!